Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comeback Trend

Since I began attending Interior Design school, I have been asked many times to reflect upon my own style. I have been given quizzes and questionnaires, and participated in many activites which are conducted to help one figure out what area of the design specitrum they would fit in. Most of my results yeild that I have an "eclectic" design style, meaning I draw from many (if not all) areas of design. One of my instructors says that means I am a "big ol' mess". :) However, I think that it means that I have a very open-minded approach to design. My projects won't always completely express myself, but rather the styles of the clients that employ me as well. Which, if you ask me, is what working in residential design should be all about. (Probably a revolutionary thought to some in the industry, I have already found!) However, if I was asked to pick my NUMBER ONE, ALL TIME FAVORITE STYLE (can you tell that I am SUPER excited about it?) It would be........drum roll please...................

Luckily, art deco is making a huge comeback this season, so I thought I would do a little blog to give all 8 of my followers a heads up on this amazing, historic trend.
Art Deco is an artistic design style that originated in the 1920's in Paris and continued on until after WWII. Art deco employs geometric shapes and vibrant colors (usually emerald green-probably another reason I love it so much). It is often described as an ecletic form of stylish and elegant modernism. Some of the most intriguing pieces to me during this time period are the chandliers and lighting.

Inlaid wood pieces were a big trend during this time too. Below is a replica of an Art Deco pop-up bar. The piece that peaked my initial interest in the Art Deco direction was an original Art Deco bar circa 1920, brought over from Paris by the owners of the Carlton Dailey Antique shop on King Street in Charleston. In my opinion, Carlton Dailey Twentith Century, is the BEST antique shop downtown Charleston! I stop by and visit this piece below from time to time....all I can do is visit, because I will never be able to afford it.
It is probably completely unnatural for someone to love a piece of furniture as much as I love this bar, but it truly is remarkable. :)

I have noticed this season, that not only is the art deco style returning for the decorating industry, but also for the fashion industry as well. Here are a few art deco pieces that in style currently.

J. Crew LuLu Frost Vintage Deco Sunray necklace: $128

Banana Republic has an entire line of "deco" jewelry this year. These earrings are currently in Santa's sleigh on their way to yours truly :)
Casadei makes these gorgeous gold Art Deco inspired sandals: $1,590
Love these two BCBG Art Deco inspired dresses

Left:Metalic Lace Cocktail Dress
Right: Sequin Pattern Dress

Well, there is your lesson for today in the area of Art Deco design. Keep your eyes peeled in the stores this season for this awesome comeback trend!