Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Beginning of a Bucket List...

A few things that I want to learn how to do:
1. Learn to speak Italian fluently
2. Learn how to sew
3. Learn how to play the guitar
4. Travel to a list of places which includes Italy, Croatia, New Zealand, Maine, and Greece
5. Do a zip line (there is one at Mammoth Cave now, maybe I'll try that one out haha)

My bucket list is small for now, but I know it will grow into a life of it's own eventually. I figure start small to get the ball rolling. Also, publishing my bucket list on my blog will definitely push me to accomplish my goals.

Speaking of blogging, I have recently been inspired to start blogging by a good friend who has a fabulous blog. "The Travel Broad" is a very witty and informative guide to traveling and enjoying the pleasures of life. You should definitely check it out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Here We Go...

Well, this is my very first blog, and I will have to be honest and say that I am not an "open book" type person, so keeping this blog updated will be a challenge for me. But I think it will be a great way for my family and friends to keep up with me and what is going on in my life. So I really am going to try and do my very best to make my posts frequent, yet interesting! haha

I'll begin by giving you an update on my life since moving to Charleston in October. There have been many ups and downs. It has been a transition to say the least. Moving away from a group of friends who I know I can depend on for anything, and a family who is so strong, loving and tight-knit, has been extremely difficult. I miss them all dearly; but they have made it easier on me with frequent visits. My mom came down and stayed with me for an entire month, which was awesome! I miss her already, but I know she will be back for an extended stay again soon! I will also have to admit that I have made quite a few visits home myself. I can't ever stay away too long! My family and friends mean everything to me; no drive is too long to see them!

So far living in Charleston has been absolutely great! The weather is generally beautiful (although right now the heat index 110!), and there is always something to do. From going to boat parades, to concerts, to tennis tournaments, to wine festivals, to oyster roasts, to movie premieres, to air shows, to every ghost walking tour, I have definitely experienced my fair share of Charleston culture. But by far one of my favorite things to do on a Saturday afternoon is to sit at the East Bay Street Wine and Tobacco Shop downtown with friends. You can get a bottle of wine for $12 and sip on it while watching all the interesting characters that walk by on the streets of Charleston. The owner Rusty is like a personal counselor-believe me, he has seen it all! haha

One of the most exciting things that has come out of me moving to Charleston is that I believe I have discovered what I would LOVE to do career-wise. INTERIOR DESIGN. When I was a little girl I would tell my mom that one day I wanted to be an Interior Designer. I would sit for hours and hours playing with my Barbies and setting up the "Barbie Dream Home", frequently rearranging the rooms. It is funny how, growing up, we can easily lose sight of the things in life that really and truly excite us. I am currently taking classes at Trident Tech in North Charleston to get a certificate in Interior Design. So far I LOVE my classes, and it has been a really great way for me to make new friends. So, my blog will probably soon be filled with updates and pictures of projects that I will be taking on! The pictures below are of rooms designed by one of my new favorite designers, Barclay Butera. Maybe one day my rooms will be featured in Coastal Living Magazine :)
Well, there is your very quick recap of my life in Charleston so far. I will be driving back home on the 26th and will be there for an entire week! I can't wait to spend some good quality time with my family and friends!