Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things Our Grandparents Knew.....

You know you have been dating someone a long time when you get one another the same gift for a holiday. James and I did just that this year for Easter. I found this amazing book at Barnes & Noble about 2 weeks ago, and showed it to James. It is the perfect book for me. It is called, "How to Sew a Button, and Other Things Your Grangmother Knew". James picked up on my enthusiasm for the book and tipped off the Easter Bunny :)

I found the guy version on amazon and decided James needed it too. "How to Build a Fire, and Other Things Your Grandfather Knew". (Plus, there are lots of things in this book that I want to know how to do too; such as, how to strip a wood table.)

Both books give tips on information that our grandparents were extremely prevy to, but that we may not have been taught. Everything from how to season an iron skillet to how to be more chivalrious. Great reference books for anyone wishing to learn more about these dying arts.

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